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Why Batch?

batch bath+kitchen is a new way to rejuvenate your home.

batch offers the speed and convenience of packaged options with the reassurance of an expertly designed, high-quality custom fit-out.

  • Our award-winning designers know how to maximise your home's potential and batch the work into one easy process.
  • Our bathrooms and kitchens are smart, batch produced components customised for your space fast, professionally designed result.
  • There's always a fresh batch of designs and finishes.
  • Order the whole room in one batch, for one complete price.
  • There are over 40 options to customise your lifestyle

batch is part of the renowned smarter+ group with over a decade of experience and a team of multi-award-winning designers.


Visit our bath + kitchen experience centre to interact with your new lifestyle and select from over 40 options available to customise your lifestyle.

Installed by you
Bathrooms from $6k. Kitchens from $9k.

Installed by batch
Bathrooms from $23k. Kitchens from $20k.

  • Choose your lifestyle

    Select from four distinct lifestyles.

  • You measure, we design

    Give us your room dimensions and we’ll perfectly design your selected lifestyle into your unique space.

  • Your design comes to life

    Visit our bath and kitchen experience centre to interact with your new lifestyle.

Installed by you

Your new lifestyle is delivered in a batch box ready for you to install yourself.
Find out what’s included

  • Potential cost savings
  • Use your own trades or Do It Yourself
  • Flexibility on timing and labour
  • Incorporate into your extension or new home build
  • Order all products from one supplier
  • Products recommended by bath & kitchen experts

Enjoy your new lifestyle

Installed by batch

We can take care of the whole renovation for you.
Find out what’s included

  • Guaranteed high-quality finish
  • Guaranteed start and finish dates
  • Batch manages the trades for you
  • Fixed cost – with no surprises
  • Complete project management
  • Renovation specialists

Enjoy your new lifestyle