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Urban Mood – Behind the Lifestyle


2 years ago

Urban Mood – Behind the Lifestyle

Crisp, contemporary lines and monochromatic finishes make up the Urban Mood lifestyle. It mixes industrial elements with pared-back finishes, proving that less really is more.

Hear more about the lifestyle that’s brimming with appeal from head designer Vanessa Cook as she reflects on the functionality and practicality of Urban Mood.


“Simplicity is key here. We see it time and time again, the spaces that
really resonate with people are those that don’t have multiple hero pieces competing against one another,” explains Vanessa. “So, this is the idea we kept coming back to throughout the design process, to ensure we delivered simplicity within the Urban Mood lifestyle.”


“The pared back lifestyle is driven by adaptability, allowing it to be easily inserted within an existing space. It’s stripped back to clean lines, monochromatic colour combinations and light-filled spaces for the family to share and enjoy.”


This lifestyle’s skilfully curated collection of materials and finishes is made up of quality format tiles and handle-less cabinetry in tones of grey and crisp white, paired with moody timbers.


Says Vanessa, “The simple spaces are kept true to style avoiding hero pieces that could compete and clash, instead treating the room as a cohesive whole. Urban Mood blends industrial elements with a minimalistic look to create a soothing and sleek finish with maximum appeal now and into the future.


Are you ready to rejuvenate your home? Contact your batch designer today on 1300 833 883 to insert the Urban Mood lifestyle into your bathroom and/or kitchen.