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Pure Nordic – Behind the Lifestyle


2 years ago

Pure Nordic – Behind the Lifestyle

Simplistic, organic shapes are key ingredients in making up the Pure Nordic lifestyle, inspired by Australia’s rightful obsession with the Scandinavian interior aesthetic. Surprisingly, this understated style with a muted colour palette can be very difficult to achieve, as balance and restraint are to be attained equally.

We have uncovered the inspiration behind the lifestyle from head designer Vanessa Cook. She lets us in on how the Pure Nordic combinations came about, and the style’s effortless insertion within the home is achieved.


“The inspiration for this lifestyle stemmed from traditional Scandinavian interior design,” explains Vanessa. “The Pure Nordic lifestyle showcases subtle elements of charm injected within the otherwise subdued palette, through the inclusion of smooth timber details and organic matt shapes.”


“The Pure Nordic lifestyle takes minimalism to a whole new level – the power of the design lies within its simplicity. We have stripped back the design of the bathroom and kitchen spaces to ensure functionality takes pride of place. The design intention is to maintain clean lines, simple shapes and open spaces, allowing the rooms to remain light filled and unconstrained.”


It’s no surprise that Pure Nordic has the most minimal collection of curated details of all the batch lifestyles. Whether it be a bathroom or kitchen rejuvenation, this lifestyle can remain balanced and understated. Clean lines and bright whites make it easy to insert personal touches without overwhelming, such as the inclusion of pendant lighting or artwork.


Vanessa sums it up, “The reason this style maintains its popularity, is because it’s liveable, bringing understated functionality, comfort and style to any home.”


Are you ready to rejuvenate your home? Contact your batch designer today on 1300 833 883 to insert the Pure Nordic lifestyle into your bathroom and/or kitchen.