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Australian Coastal – Behind the Lifestyle


2 years ago

Australian Coastal – Behind the Lifestyle

The coastline is the place most of us associate with relaxation – a sense of calm we find ourselves trying to recreate well after the holiday is over. With the introduction of the Australian Coastal lifestyle, it’s that relaxed sensation of effortless style that is embodied within the design.

In conversation with head designer Vanessa Cook we uncover the motivation behind this lifestyle that has us day dreaming of a warm summer breeze.


“The Australian Coastal lifestyle subtly pulls material inspiration from driftwood, pebbles and weathered shells to add to a coastal ambiance,” explains Vanessa. “The colour palette, drawing from sand, sea and sky, whispers summer all year round yet avoids the ‘beach shack’ expression.”


“We drew on the nostalgia that these materials bring, to create an overall sense of relaxation. The lifestyle manifests a relaxed holiday vibe, blurring the line between indoors and out. Whether that be open plan informal living in the kitchen or maximising natural light to flood into the bathroom, the natural palette will spread and amplify light rather than soaking it up.”


The carefully curated collection that makes up this lifestyle incorporates textured timbers with soft matt surfaces, creating a tactile finish that is complemented by the inclusion of terrazzo tiles. The space is calm and comfortable in its execution, where form and function live harmoniously.


Vanessa says, “The lifestyle permits personal styling considerations such as wicker and woven elements, as well as linens, cotton rugs and floating sheers that billow in the breeze. This style exudes multiple points of interest, yet it has the restraint to remain uncluttered. This is the perfect inclusion to a relaxed family home.”


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