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6 secrets to creating more kitchen bench space


1 year ago

6 secrets to creating more bench space

There is nothing more frustrating than a lack of bench space in your kitchen, making menial tasks near impossible, and only adding to your meal preparation and cooking time. When renovating your existing kitchen we can see why you might think that creating additional bench space just isn’t possible. However with the right tips and clever design tricks you will be serving up extra bench space even in the tiniest of kitchens.


No bench space? No problem. We will be revealing all of our secrets on how to create more bench space in your kitchen.

Pure Nordic - Kitchen

Pure Nordic - Kitchen

Induction cooktops will increase bench space


We know what you’re thinking… how can a cooktop increase your bench space? Bear with us.


Unlike gas cooktops induction cooktop are cool to the touch after use and the cooktop is completely flush. Making for the perfect space to place a chopping board and get prepping when bench space is hard to come by, it’s that simple.


Forget about double-bowl sinks


Do you have a one and a half, or double-bowl sink, and the second bowl seldom used? Get rid of it and opt for a single bowl sink in your new kitchen. Let’s be honest with the inclusion of a dishwasher in every kitchen do we really need a second bowl anyway? Better still a single bowl with detachable drainer will free up even more precious bench space.

Urban Mood - Kitchen

Urban Mood - Kitchen

What about those small appliances?


The number one reason for the lack of kitchen bench space is those cumbersome small appliances that remain out all day long, we’re talking toasters, kettles, coffee machine, blender the list goes on.


How do you solve this problem? Firstly, any appliances you rarely use need to find a new home off the bench top! And secondly when you’re in the planning stages of designing your kitchen incorporate a cupboard in the space that is dedicated to storing your appliances out of sight, eliminating the need to keep them on the bench.


It’s all about the island


Introducing an island into your kitchen design will drastically increase bench space. The size of your island bench can be designed in proportion to the space of your kitchen so don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of room to work with. Your island bench will add another working space to your kitchen with the added bonus of boosting your storage too.




Australian Coastal - Kitchen

Australian Coastal - Kitchen

Take the storage up


Installing additional overhead storage above your benchtop is another great space saver. Functional shelving is not only a quick and easy fix but will allow you to shift items off your benchtop creating more space in your work zone.




It may seem simple and obvious but one sure way to free up more bench space in your new kitchen is to declutter. A smart way to tackle this task during the planning stage of your renovation is to allocate a dedicated space for the objects that always seem to end up on your bench. Such as a ‘junk drawer’ to get the keys and mail out of your way, or a cupboard with a power point to charge phones, iPads etc and get them off your precious bench.

Modern Elegance - Kitchen

Modern Elegance - Kitchen

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