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6 budget blunders to avoid when renovating your bathroom


1 year ago

6 budget blunders to avoid when renovating your bathroom

Finding yourself in a budget blowout is not only one of the most stressful situations but can quickly derail your renovation hopes and dreams. We all want to keep that budget in check, but the hard part is knowing exactly how to do that.


The good news for you is that we are here to offer designer-approved budget-saving tips for fixtures, layouts and materials to achieve a beautiful bathroom space, whilst keeping those expenses under control.

Modern Elegance - Bathroom

Modern Elegance - Bathroom

Get the layout right


The number one rule is achieving the right layout first to save you a lot of costly mistakes down the track. If you work with a professional to find out what is actually going to work for your individual space. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a specific layout, product or idea only to discover than it’s just not possible or that it’s way out of your budget.


It’s not going to be cheap if you decide to change your mind halfway through a project so make sure you have a solid plan in place right from the beginning.


Work with the experts


If you are on a budget, you might think that attempting to do it yourself may help you cut down costs. However, there are so many cost saving benefits that come with engaging with professionals from the beginning.


An interior designer can help save you money, time, energy and a lot of stress. They will spend the time selecting the right fixtures, finishes, colours and textures – all keeping within your selected budget too. It will mean a substantial financial saving and overall will result in less headaches for you.

Pure Nordic - Bathroom

Pure Nordic - Bathroom

Don’t go overboard with the tiles


Unless you’re planning a wet area in your bathroom, then you don’t need to cover every inch of space with tiles. Tiling only a portion of the space will cut down the costs for both labour and materials.


There is a level of flexibility that comes with only tiling a portion of the space too. For example, you could paint the rest of the walls which means if you change your mind in the future, the wall colour can be easily changed.


When deciding what tiles to go with, porcelain tiles should always be laid on the floor and subway tiles on the wall are always a timeless choice.


Don’t compromise the quality of materials


You don’t have to choose the most expensive materials on the market in order to get a beautiful bathroom. However, as your bathroom is a hot, steamy and small space, cheap products can wear very quickly in such humid conditions so its important not to compromise on the quality of your materials.


Urban Mood - Bathroom

Urban Mood - Bathroom

Reusing items may cost you more than you save


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that reusing your bathroom fixtures and fittings is going to save you a significant amount of money. Not to mention it would be defeating the purpose of creating a beautiful new bathroom.


Consider LED lights


Opting for a good-quality LED lighting for your bathroom may cost you a touch more initially but not to worry you’ll make savings sooner than you think. LED lighting will last a lot longer, have a better environmental impact and will enhance the overall brightness of the room.

Australian Coastal - Bathroom

Australian Coastal - Bathroom

Need help controlling the cost of your bathroom renovation? Our expert design team can help you create a beautiful bathroom without blowing your budget with bathroom solutions from as little as $6k. Get in touch with your batch designer and get started today.