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4 secrets to a functional bathroom, revealed!


1 year ago

4 secrets to a functional bathroom design, revealed!

Your bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home – not only do you begin your daily routine here, but it’s also a place to unwind and retreat to after a long day. However, without the right planning or attention to design detail you could end up with a poorly designed bathroom that you don’t want to come home to.


The ultimate goal is for your bathroom space to have a functional layout that is both practical and beautiful, which is why you need to read our designer approved tips on how to achieve just that.

Urban Mood - Bathroom

Urban Mood - Bathroom

Start with a plan

No successful bathroom renovation can begin without a well-thought out plan. Consider your existing space and ask yourself what works and what doesn’t? For example, is your vanity too small and more storage is a must, or are you dealing with tile cracks and faulty fixtures and fittings that are in desperate need of replacing.


In the planning stages, it is also important to design with the future in mind. Is this a shared bathroom for your kids or a parents retreat? As the needs of the users are going to be very different.


Another important thing to consider is whether or not you plan to resell in the near future – If so it would be wise to lean towards a clean and contemporary aesthetic in your bathroom that will attract multiple buyers.

Australian Coastal - Bathroom

Australian Coastal - Bathroom

Keep it simple with your finishes

Our advice is to keep it simple and select finishes that won’t require any excessive cleaning or require you to be extra cautious with the products you use in the bathroom.


A great option is a soft subtle concrete-look finish. The mottles pattern will disguise day-to-day dust and dirt, eliminating the need for excessive cleaning. Another tip is to select a matching grout colour to your tiles, as the fewer grout lines visible, the more spacious your bathroom will look which is just an added bonus.

Modern Elegance - Bathroom

Modern Elegance - Bathroom

Consider your storage needs

Think about how many people will be occupying the bathroom and how much space you have to work with. If space is an issue there are always plenty of clever storage solutions to make the most out of your space.


Clever storage solutions can include adding an overhead mirrored shaving cabinet as opposed to hanging a mirror, adding a shower or bath niche, or installing a floating vanity which will not only fulfill your storage needs but will also make the bathroom appear larger.

Pure Nordic - Bathroom

Pure Nordic - Bathroom

Don’t forget about the details

Have some fun and add a bit of drama to your bathroom – you could incorporate a statement floor tile or even a feature mirror to add a ‘wow’ factor to the space. For tiling options, a monochromatic or terrazzo floor tile paired with a subway tile will make a striking statement and selecting a round mirror over a rectangular sized mirror will be a sophisticated choice.


Our design team can help you create a functional bathroom design – installed by batch or installed by you. Get in touch with your batch designer on 1300 833 883 and get started on your home renovation today.